Nici Brueckner has been selected as one of the mentees for EWA’s Mentoring Scheme 2022 for emerging European women producers who will meet their mentors in the context of the Thessaloniki Film Festival in March 2022.

The programme will run for 12 months. The cycle starts with a two-day introductory meeting of mentees and mentors in THESSALONIKI hosted by the Agora Film Market & Crossroads Co-Production Market. A second meeting will close the mentoring cycle in January 2023 in Trieste, hosted by When East Meets West’s co-production market.

Additionally to the monthly online mentoring sessions, the mentoring group hopefully will be able to catch up in person at the different festivals where EWA will be present such as Cannes and Venice and on ad hoc online group meetings.

EWA’s Producer’s Mentoring Scheme will allow mentees to upgrade the core skills and competencies needed in their profession, such as financing, negotiating, management and business development. Mentors do not deliver solutions to mentees, the purpose of mentoring is to bring the mentee’s professional growth to an upper level.