Nici Brueckner, a German-Senegalese producer, brings a dynamic entrepreneurial background to her role as the founder of World Color Studio 22—a Berlin-based media production company dedicated to diversity and inclusion.  Nici brings 15 years of industry experience extending to independent productions. She holds a Screen Production Diploma and a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Art. After living in Australia for  29 years, she returned to Germany. In 2022, she joined the 10-month EWA mentorship programme as one of the 16 up-and-coming female producers in the European audiovisual industry.

World Color Studio 22, under Nici’s visionary leadership, stands as a beacon of diversity and inclusion in Berlin’s film production landscape. Unconfined by form, genre, or platform, the company passionately develops and produces films and series that amplify diverse voices and perspectives.

Nici Bruckner