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World Color Studio is a Berlin based film production company.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion on and off the screen is unwavering – across all of our work.


We are passionate about utilising our global perspectives and worldly experiences to create rich, diverse films from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We work with producers, directors and filmmakers in servicing and creative co-producing capacities.

We are Berlin Film Production Specialists

Whatever your project requires.  Crew, Locations, Catering, Equipment, Accommodation. We can provide.

LOCATION Scouting and permit applications

Berlin, a vibrant, youthful city of contrasts with a blend of historical and modern architecture, offers a rich diversity of filming locations and we will assist you in scouting the perfect location and obtaining necessary shooting permits.

CAST & CREW Accommodation

We provide above-the-line and below-the-line accommodation for any production. Berlin has a fantastic range of high-end, reasonable, clean, and creative accommodations.

Production Services

Our team of internationally experienced professionals provides comprehensive film services, from concept creation and pre-production to execution and post-production, for a variety of projects including fiction features, documentaries, TV series, and advertising, and we welcome inquiries for further discussion.

Film Catering

We can provide delicious fresh catering that includes vegan and vegetarian dishes from many international cuisines suited to your budget.  Providing a cast and crew with exceptional food makes for a smoother shoot.


We are Berlin Film Team Builders

Able to put the right people on your Berlin Film Project

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